Ian Alexander’s COMING HOME

COMING HOME besteht aus:

Ian Alexander – gitarre, komposition
Theresia Philipp – sax
Sebastian Scobel – keys
Lorenz Rosenthal – bass
Ramon Keck – drums
Lukas Meile – percussion

Paul Bremen – viola
Pauline Buss – viola
Veit Steinmann – violoncello
Okjoo Jang – violoncello
Stephan Schönegg – kontrabass

2019 Veröffentlichung des Albums Night Shapes

2018 Gewinner des jazz@undesigned Stipendiums der Dr. Carl Dörken Stiftung

2017 Veröffentlichung des Albums Coming Home

“Ian Alexander has reinvented the concept album.” ... “His music is deft and dexterous without being complex and self-aggrandising, it is blends progressive styles, jazz vibes and soulful pop grooves but manages to do so in the most natural of ways. It is emotive and upbeat, sleek and fun…” (A&R Factory)